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I feel as if the school year is going to start very soon and that makes me want to hide under a rock.

I am seriously considering enrolling in the course that meets on Saturday.
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I can clean and organize like a fiend. Just not in my own life. I just cleaned and organized two areas in the archy lab while I have piles of laundry, paper, books, and yarn scattered around the apartment. I need discipline.

Belle and Sebastian's "The Blues are Still Blue" is a catchy song that I like a whole lot. Thanks to the nameless one who hooked me up with that album (The Life Pursuit).

So, I'm at work. That's cool. I'm researching maps and flattening them between sheets of acid free cardboard and under heavy boxes of archaeological recon reports. So, yeah, it's a good time.

Time is passing unbelievably quickly. This weekend is Labor Day weekend. I'm at a seminar for the week of the 11th. The week of the 18th I begin helping Megon prepare for 481 (I'm one of many assistants for that class. Rock.). Then the following week is the beginning of school. EEK!

Time is lunging (lungeing? Lung-ing looks so so wrong) forward too fast.

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