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Aug. 17th, 2006 11:05 pm
froggy_dear: (yes I'm a natural blue)
So. We got a new tv. One whole inch bigger than the other one. And much shinier. This means we have a crappy old dying tv sitting in the apartment. Anybody want it? Ha. Freecycle will probably rid us of it quickly enough.

Looks like fall quarter is going to be busy. 10 hours of practicum, 15+ hours of work, and a class. Plus thesis credits. Shouldn't be too bad, but I'm trying to cram it into four days so I can have Fridays off.

Work, however, is going to be cool. I'm totally going to TA the Archy Collections lab. Rock. Well, I haven't gotten the official offer or anything yet, but Wilson (runs the museology program) and Megon (runs the Collections course and the Archy Collections themselves) have both affirmed it. Sad thing is, it's not a real TA position. By which I mean I get no tuition remission or anything. :P So it's a workstudy job, pretty much. I think it should be good. I like teaching, I'm damned familiar with archy stuff and museum stuff, and, to be quite frank, it'll probably look hella good on a resume.

September 11-14th I'm going to be attending a seminar on "Archaeological Curation, Conservation, and Collections Management." I applied for and got a scholarship to it, so I don't need to shell out $275 to do it. Not that I would have. But free is good. And it's being held at the Burke, so... it's exceedingly convenient. And it should be good. Hell, it should be excellent. I wonder if I can convince them to pay me for this.....

To sum up: I am excited about the career path I have choosen. I feel I am suited to it, and that I can excel in it. Moreover, I get to touch the stuff they keep in museums.

Did I mention I'm working a dozen feet away from an Egyptian Mummy? The coffin has these little white daisy flowers painted on it. They're so cool. Sure, there are Egyptian gods and stuff, but there's this little flower pattern that really amuses me. Not to mention the ears - the carved wooden ears. So cool. And that time when I moved the drawer with the mummified feet and hands in it? Too flippin' awesome.

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