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Not to count chickens, but I think I've found someone in the Curriculum and Instruction dept. of the School of Ed. who could be real good for my committee. And she's teching a class this winter that looks really applicable. So I sent off an email to her about enrolling in the class and meeting re: my thesis.

There was this Human Subjects training yesterday.... It made me want to crawl under a rock. Three months! Three months! is the turn around time for me to be allowed to interview museum professionals. This is not good if I have a paper what needs writing by January 31. I won't know about that paper till November 31. Must get ass in gear and send off human subjects paper work as soon as I possibly can.

Oh god. It's just after 9 am. Can I crawl under a rock yet? And wait there till someone gives me an MA? Pretty please?
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Eek! Just sent a random email to an interdisciplinary faculty member askig to meet about my thesis. Why, oh why, does the one person interested in technology have to be on sebaticle this year? Grr. Hopefully the limited info I have on her is accurate and she will be someone who I can work with effectively.



I think this will be my thesis icon - yall know that this thesis angst is going to get worse, right? I'm also considering using The Brain! as my thesis icon. Opinions?
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And also: Identifying graduate faculty for a thesis committee is ha-ard. *whine*

There's one woman who looks perfect, but she's not graduate faculty. I almost want to meet with her first, see if she'll be on my committee and ask her if she knows of anyone else with appropriate interests. One other woman I found has appropriate interests, but is more political. Another one is a man who has the worst website in the world for someone proclaiming to be interested in online social networking. Plus there are photos of him holding fish.

Nason might be appropriate, though I don't know that he has interests in the area of my thesis. Plus I'm scared of him.

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