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My hair is blue again. At least mostly. I don't like to get the very front bits too much or my forehead ends up too blue for my liking.

I cleaned the tub immediately after rinse/shampoo/conditioner number one. It worked! Mostly. It's disheartening to know that the next couple times will just restain it. Sigh.

Many of the longest strands of my hair fall out when I do this. I don't know if they can't bear to see their blonde go away or if all the pulling and twisting of my hair that is above and beyond the normal just pulls them out early. My hair is thin to begin with so this always worries me. My hair is noticibly shorter since I began dying it. I still have pretty long hair by most standards, but I've had at least one of my friends mention it to me.

It makes me consider giving up dying my hair. Though I really don't want to do that. It doesn't seem that I - by dying my hair blue every two or three months - am doing anything more terrible to it than people who get their hair dyed natural colors on a regular basis. True I only use shampoo for color treated hair and its companion conditioner to maintain my hair's health, but I'm not really putting it through some sort of bleaching hell.

I think dying my hair would be much less trying it my hair were a great deal shorter. Like shoulder length. But I'm not going to cut it. Long hair is my vanity.

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