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It's like a party, only quieter and without the people.

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Birthdate:Sep 4
Website:Froggy Knittery
Things that are important to me:
- mrcomfypants (hugging, loving, silliness)
- happiness (soft things, hugs, smiling people, the sun, water droplets on a leaf)
- getting an education (BA, MA, museology, archaeology, folklore, medieval women)
- fairness

Things I also like:
- knitting
- penguins
- mountains (Mt. Rainier is my favorite place)
- the warmth of sunlight

Things I do not care for:
- mean people
- people who do not think about things
- cauliflower (eww)
- the sound of teeth against silverware

Things that I struggle with:
- having too many things (clutter and excess)
- wanting too many things (gluttony and envy)
- eating well
- having a commitment to my schoolwork (coughthesiscough)

Things that I am good at:
- school
- making boxes (for serious)
- knitting
- being kind (I hope)


I like getting packages in the mail. Hint hint nudge nudge know what I mean know what I mean?
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