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So I'm on vacation. We left Ellensburg at 6 am on August 12 and arrived in Falls at 6 pm on August 14. Not bad for nearly 2000 miles. We drove pretty much non-stop. Just a couple of overnights, rest areas, and gas stations. We listened to Neil Gaiman's The Graveyard Book which was really lovely to listen to, and made Montana go by faster.

We're now at Daniel's parents' house, where we will be for the next couple of weeks. Today we're going to go riding on Ozaukee County's Interurban trail.

Last night though, I had a dream about work. A horrible dream where people were in the gallery, moving things around and I couldn't find where stuff was. A Northwest coast mask was leaning against a white board with a spot light on it. I couldn't find the loan objects. I couldn't figure out who authorized the movement and non-museum use of the space. I found some people who had moved food stuff into our storage space and had changed the doors to the type that stop a foot above the floor, and I got into a shouting match with the lead guy in charge, trying to impress on him how important it is that I be consulted before the movement of objects so that it can be done properly and, oh yeah, CHANGE MY DOORS BACK.

Not a fun dream. But the sort of dream that you only have if you are a collections professional. I am so nerdy I worry about proper object care in my sleep. Can I put that on my resume?

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