Dec. 8th, 2010

froggy_dear: (fizzgig)
I had a really good evening. It included this item:

I'm at a 4 way stop, about to turn left. It's pretty empty and definitely my turn to go. There's a car coming from the opposite direction and it looks like they're going to turn where I'm headed to, but it's cool, they've got a yield sign. So I start to turn and I notice this other vehicle is not slowing down. It is barreling through the yield curve, so I hit the brakes. The woman driving is looking out her window at me like, "oh maybe I should have slowed down." I think about hitting the horn, but it's too late for that now - she's far enough ahead that I can start moving again. We drive about 50 feet and then, a thing of beauty. Flashing lights in my rear window. I am 90% sure that I reacted perfectly in what just went down and, sure enough, trooper pulls over the other driver. AWESOME.

I continue on to the gym and all is right in the world.

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